Features & Tutorials

Discover PokerRanger's features and explore how to use them!

PokerRanger Makes You More Precise

PokerRanger is a toolset of different analytical functions for no limit Texas Hold'em Cashgame.

By use of this software, you can find out about equity, handstrengths, handstrength-related equity, equity evolutions and a lot more.

One powerful function is the automatized calculation of expectation value and equity in different spots on each street, while you can most comfortably just import Holdem Manager hand histories.

Explore the various features throughout this page!

Equity Tables

PokerRanger's Equity Tables Tab shows the equity of each hand in Player 1's or Player 2's range against the other range.

The result is both displayed in a matrix and a table. The matrix uses colors from red over yellow to green depending on the equity, which is also shown in the matrix.

EV/FE Calculations

PokerRanger makes it very easy to analyze different lines like bet/fold, bet/call, bet/raise and so on preflop and postflop.

Just enter ranges and sizes and find out about your expectation value and fold equity. Also, you can just import your Holdem Manager hand histories.

Play with the ranges and find out what you could do better in your scenario without the need to calculate your EV by hand.

Board Hit Evalutions

When you enter two ranges, you can easily explore what kind of hand strengths turn out on different boards. For one player, you will also get the number of combinations. In the "Two Player Board Hits" Tab, card removal effect will apply.

Also, you can sum up hand strengths and use the resulting ranges for further calculations.

Win Evaluations

PokerRanger does not only tell you how often a specific hand strength appears on a board, but it will also tell you how often those hands will win, split or lose. This makes it far easier to analyze the relative handstrengths of the hands in a range.

Learn what a top pair, set or straight is really worth in different scenarios!

Equity Evolution

Based on two ranges and a flop, PokerRanger can tell you how the equity evolves on different runouts.

With this tool you can - for example - analyze how ugly later streets will most probably be and decide whether or not to put more money in on an earlier street.

Range Management

This software also offers you a few new functions to manage your ranges more efficiently.

For example, you can just select a suit brush and mark multiple hands in a row with a specific suit (like hearts). Also, you can move ranges around in boxes without the need to label them, which works really fast. For permanent storage, you can just move them into the tree later.

Equity Training

Train your equity evaluation skills on fixed or random boards on flop, turn or river.

With the equity trainer you can improve your equity estimates against one or two opposing ranges.