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At the moment, there are two options for the EV/FE Calculations Tab.

Color Coding

PokerRanger Color Coding The color coding dialog can be found in the menu at "Options -> EV/FE Calculations -> Color Coding...". You can specify the boundaries and colors for the different colors for the EV output fields. Additionally, you can choose how many colors you need or deactivate the color coding completely. For example, if you choose "Color 3 until" then color1 is used up to the entered boundary with the specified color next to the boundary field. After that, color2 is used up to the number and so on. Colors 4-6 will not be used, however, but after the boundary of color3, PokerRanger chooses the color next to "After that".

Show EV of Single Reactions

This option can be found in the menu at "Options -> EV/FE Calculations -> Show EV of Single Reactions". If activated, the EVs of the reactions will be displayed, as well.