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Plot Function

The plot function allows you to plot different variants of one line with one dependent and one independent variable. If the plot window stays open and some values of the variants change, the plot will update automatically.

Plot Input Dialog

PokerRanger's Plot Input Dialog In the plot input dialog, you can choose which variable is independent. This variable will be used on the x-axis and it will be iterated over. You can specify the initial iteration range with the input fields "Iterate from" and "Iterate to".

Also, you can specify the output variable. This is the dependent variable and its value will be shown under the influence of the specified variable on the x-axis.

In addition to that, you can select which variants to plot. The variants may have different ranges or different sizes.

For example, if you use Deadmoney as X-axis-variable with iteration from 0 to 10 and choose "Overall EV Player1" as Y-axis variable, then the plot will show Player1's expectation value on the y-axis for x-values ranging from 0 to 10. If multiple variants are chosen, multiple lines will be shown in the dialog.

By accepting the properties with "Ok", a new plot window will show up.

Plot Input Window

PokerRanger's Visualisation of Expected Value In the dialog, you will see graphs for all the variants you selected. You can navigate in the diagram with your mouse and with the scroll wheel to zoom in or out. You can also manually change the point of view by entering other values into the input fields for "Key Range" and "Value Range". If you are not sure which variant is which, you may pick the different graphs by clicking on them. "Selected Variant" will then show the name.

If you keep this window open and change properties of the different variants in the main window, the graph will update immediately. That way, you can play around with the different options and see how your output variable reacts to it.