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PokerRanger's Equity Training - Input

Train your ability to precisely estimate equities on different boards against opposing ranges!


Equity Training Input

To start a training, you have to select ranges for both Hero and Villain.

You can select a single hand (Single Hand Selection) for hero or an entire range (Select Range in PokerRanger). To clear a range, you can use the "clear button" (Clear Range in PokerRanger). The same applies for both of villain's ranges.

Note that you have to select only the first of villain's ranges. By keeping the second range empty, you will only train against one range instead of two at the same time.

For the training, one hand of Hero's range will be randomly picked (if a range instead of a singular hand is given). Then, you will be asked to determine the equities against villain's first and second (if given) range.


You can specify exactly which board cards are fixed and which should be determined randomly (or left out).

Board Conditions for PokerRanger's Equity Training

You can select singular flop/turn/river cards by using the select/clear buttons (Single Hand Selection, Clear Range in PokerRanger).

After that, you can specify if you want to train at the flop/turn or river by using the radio buttons as follows:

To start the training, simply press the "Start Training" button.