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PokerRanger's Equity Training - Training Item Screen

Training Item Info

Equity Training Item Info

At the head of the tab, there will be three lines of general information for that item. You will see the number of the current training item, which will be increased every time you continue to a new item. Also, you can see the hand that has been picked from Hero's range as well as the board.

Ranges and Guesses

Equity Training Item Input

After that, you will either see one or two columns, depending on what you have selected in the prior screen.

Each column consists of villain's range for that estimation. You can also hover the range to see the range matrix again. Also, there is a spin box as well as a slider. You can use either of them to insert your estimation of what the equity of Hero's picked hand on that board is against this column's range's equity.

When you have inserted your guesses, you can use the "Solve Button" to receive the results.

Equity Trainer Results

PokerRanger's Equity Training Item Results

The results consist of two columns again. You will find the actual result of the equities (and if you do not believe the result, you can check it at the top of the window in the "Enter Ranges and Board" group box and play around). You will also find the absolute difference (absolute value of difference of actual equity and your equity guess) that you have made as well as the relative mistake (absolute difference / actual equity).

Navigation Buttons

Navigation Buttons of PokerRanger's Equity Trainer Tab

"Continue" will lead you to the next training item. "Cancel", as the name says, cancels the current training, so that you can start a new one. Finish will end the training, so that you can look into the overall results.