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PokerRanger's Equity Training - Result Screen

The result screen gives you an overview of your mistakes.

Equity Training Overall Result

This tab shows you how many training items you have tried overall. Note that the number of guesses is twice as much, if you have selected two ranges for villain.

You will also see an average number of your absolute mistakes. In order to train your equity estimation skills, you should seek to reduce this number as much as possible. You might try to set goals like "<15% in 1 month".

Below that, there are three lines which help you to categorize your guesses a little bit more. For example, the first line in this example screenshot points out that 8 out of 18 guesses have had an absolute difference of >20% which is roughly 44% of all guesses.

You can change the values of the spin boxes and the results will change correspondly.

If you want to start a new training, you can use the "Start New Training" button.