Author Topic: How do Import HM2 to Pokerranger  (Read 4417 times)


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How do Import HM2 to Pokerranger
« on: February 01, 2015, 05:00:45 PM »
How do Import HM2 to Pokerranger.  Please be detailed. TYVM   Mark


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Re: How do Import HM2 to Pokerranger
« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2015, 07:36:34 PM »
Hi wsop2002,

to import hand histories from HEM2, it is necessary to export the corresponding hand history as text. There are different possibilities for this:
You can select the hand history in one of the lists of hand histories in HEM2. Then, right-click on it and select one of the "copy to clipboard" options. Different menu entries will export different results. Also, the specific kind of text depends on the site where you play at because HEM does not offer one single format.

It is possible to upload the hand history to "My HEM" and export it from there to the clipboard. Right now, I cannot test this but it should be relatively easy to accomplish. This might also create a different text format than in 1) and has been proven to offer the best results.

When opening a hand history in the replayer of HEM2, it might also be possible to use "txt" buttons or anything like that. This will also export the hand history to the clipboard.

In PokerRanger, you can simply use the menu entry "File -> Import from HEM/PT Hand History in Clipboard" to import the exported hand history.

Please note that a successful import highly depends on the site where you have played. HEM2 does not convert the hand history text versions to one specific format but has several text formats depending on the poker site. We have over a dozen formats working in PokerRanger. However, there may be some which we have not covered yet. In that case, please send a hand history to our support mail.

Hopefully, this answered your question in sufficient detail.

Thank you very much for your interest!

All the best,