PokerRanger - ChangeLog

Here, you can find a list of all changes which have been made at the different updates.

v1.20.2: (Current Version) (07 May 2016)

this is merely an interim update while the large update to PokerRanger2 is still in the works

v1.20.1: (1st Dec 2015)

v1.20.0: (14th Dec 2014)

v1.19.2: (5th Oct 2014)

v1.19.1: (16th Sep 2014)

v1.19.0: (15th Sep 2014)

v1.18.2: (26th Nov 2013)

v1.18.1: (25th Nov 2013)

v1.18.0: (15th Nov 2013)

v1.17.2: (7th Jul 2013)

v1.17.1: (5th Jul 2013)

v1.17.0: (3rd Jul 2013)

v1.16.1: (25th Jun 2013)

v1.16.0: (23rd Jun 2013)

v1.015: (30th May 2013)

v1.014: (3rd May 2013)

v1.013: (1st May 2013)

v1.012: (7th Apr 2013)

v1.011: (24th Mar 2013)

v1.010: (8th Mar 2013)

v1.0095: (1st Mar 2013)

v1.009: (27th Feb 2013)

v1.0080: (24th Feb 2013)

v1.0075: (21st Feb 2013)

v1.0070: (20th Feb 2013)

v1.0060: (3rd Feb 2013)

v1.0050: (24th Jan 2013)

v1.0040: (10th Jan 2013) Preflop Equity Calculation accelerated

v1.0030: (6th Jan 2013) PT4 Importer Improved to read more different exports; also, other HEM/PT4 importer bugs fixed

v1.0020: (2nd Jan 2013) PT4 Importer Added

v1.0010: (27th Dec 2012) Updater Bug Fixes

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