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Tutorial: PokerRanger's EV and FE Calculations

Analyze Various Preflop and Postflop Spots Regarding Their Expectation Values (EVs)

The EV/FE Calculations Tab helps you to analyze different spots preflop and postflop in an easy way. You can just enter all necessary input and PokerRanger will calculate the expected value of the entire hand as well as the singular actions and the fold equities.

Please note that each spot is viewed with the assumption that there will get no further money in on later streets. For example, if you analyze 3-bet/call (Player1 3-bets and will call, if villain raises), then PokerRanger will assume that no additional money will be put in on flop, turn or river, as if both of the players would just check down.

This tutorial will explain every element of the EV/FE Calculations Tab in detail and in an easy to understand way. Therefore, it is separated into different sections which thoroughly explain each field and give some examples. If you wish to see an introduction which is less to read, you may watch our video tutorial.