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Tutorial: PokerRanger's Equity Evolution

See the evolution of equities for different turn/river cards.

The Equity Evolution Tab presents to you how the equity of one range against another changes on different cards.

Input: Ranges, Board and Selected Player

General Input

At first, you have to input the general properties.

Intuitive Range Selection

Just enter player1's and player2's ranges as well as the board. Deadcards do not apply for this tab at the moment. For more details on the card and range selection, we offer a corresponding tutorial: Range & Card Selection

Tab-Specific Input

This tab can either analyze the equities of all hands of the range of player1 against all hands of player2's range or the other way around.

To choose the range to be investigated, use the "Equity Evolution Of" element (PokerRanger's Equity Evolution Player Selection).

Then, you can either analyze the turn cards by using the "Analyze Turn Cards" button (Analyze Turn Cards) or the river cards (if a turn is given) by using the "Analyze River Cards" button (Analyze River Cards with PokerRanger). For every possible turn or river card, the equity of the selected player's range against the other range is calculated.

Output: Equity Bar Graph

Equity Bars

The graph shows a bar for each turn (or river) card. The x-axis shows the value of the card (like Ace or King), while the color indicates which suit is used. On the y-axis, the selected player's range equity vs. the other range is displayed.


At the moment, there are no options available for this tab.