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Tutorial: PokerRanger's Range Management

Manage Ranges comfortably with new functions for fast storage and quick suit selection.

If singular cards have to be selected - like at the flop range selection -, then there is the "Select Cards" button (Select Cards in PokerRanger). This button is also available for ranges. Range fields, however, have also a "Select Range" button (Select Range in PokerRanger) to select multiple hands at once. In any case, there is a "Clear" button (Clear Range in PokerRanger) to remove all cards or hands.

In the following, card and range selection will be described.

Card Selection

PokerRanger's Card Selection In the selection area, you can just select cards by holding the left mouse button down and moving the cursor over the different cards. If you want to remove cards, the same applies for the right mouse button (note that you can also change this behaviour in the options as described later). If you are selecting flop or turn ranges, the "Next ->" will bring you to the next range (Flop -> Turn, Turn -> River). The "<- Back" button will be enabled, if you are selecting turn or river cards.

The "Random" button allows you to select as many random cards as possible. For example, at the flop, it will select three random cards.

If there are cards already in use (like marked as turn, river or dead cards, if you are selecting flop cards), then those will be marked as gray.

Range Selection

Select with Table

Range Selection in PokerRanger To select a range in PokerRanger you can just use the left mouse button and move over the hands which you like to select. If you want to unselect hands, you can do the same by holding the right mouse button.

There is a number in each box which indicates the number of hand combinations that are selected.

Note that hands can be greyed out if they are not in the parent range or selected in neighbor ranges. This can, for example, be the case in the EV/FE Calculations Tab, when Player1 has a range of AA+ and a spot, where Player1 bet/folds is examined. Then, the betting range of Player1 can only include hands of AA+.

Another case would be, if Player2 (in the same scenario) had a range of A2o+. If he folds A2o-A5o as a reaction to the bet, then he can only call (or raise) A6o+, as A2o-A5o are already in use.

Select with Slider or Range Spin Box

Range Selection via Slider or Spin Box

You can also use the slider, while the very left slider position indicates 0% of hands and the very right position will select 100% of the hands possible. Another way to select hands is to just change the "Range" entry to the percentage of hands. This and the combinations field will automatically update every time the range changes and give you an overview of the range size that way. By use of the "Clear" button (Clear Range in PokerRanger) next to the slider, you can clear the entire range with one click.

Suit Selection

The suit selection works a bit differently as known by other poker software. The reason for this is that PokerRanger enables you to select a lot of hands with the same suit very quickly.

PokerRanger Enables You to Select Suits Quickly In order to select hands with a specific suit, you should first choose which kinds of suits to select. The standard selection will select all suits possible. If you want to turn to another selection, you can deselect suits with the right mouse button or add other suits with the left mouse button. The buttons on the user interface will help you to select specific kinds of hands. For example, you can choose "Unselect All" to clear the selection. After that, you might click on "Add Hearts" and "Add Diamonds", so that your suit selection includes all suits with either a heart or a diamond.

When you select hands in the hand selection table now, only the suits will be selected which you have chosen in the suit selection table. That way, you can - for example - only select hands with hearts, if you know that a player will only play hearts on a specific board because that would make a flush draw.

Notice that pairs can either consist of e.g. club + spade or spade + club. This will be the same hand. To unselect this hand, you have to unmark club + spade as well as spade + club.

Quick Save Boxes

PokerRanger also offers a feature to save and load hands in a very fast way: The Quick Save Boxes.

PokerRanger's Quick Save Boxes Each quick save box has two numbers in it: The range percentage (upper number) and number of combinations (lower number). The "Current Range" quick save box will always show the numbers of the current range. Now, you can use drag&drop to move the current range to one of the 16 quick save boxes. So, you can just click on the current range, hold the mouse button down and move it to one of the boxes and release the mouse button. That way, you will have saved the current range.

You can also use one of the quick save boxes and move it back to the "Current Range" quick save box to restore the prior saved range state. Another way to restore the quick save box ranges is to just doubleclick on a box. With the quick save boxes you can move a range to another box very fast to play around with ranges without the need to give them specific names. Of course, if you want to have a better overview of specific ranges, you should use the range selection tree.

The Range Selection Tree

Range Selection Tree The range selection tree offers two functionalities: On the one hand, it offers you to use some predefined patterns to add them to your current range. On the other hand, you can store custom ranges in your own subfolders.

Predefined Patterns

The first category in the range selection tree is "Predefined Patterns". You can either drag and drop them into quick save boxes, so that the contents of the quick save boxes will be overwritten, or you can doubleclick on them. If you doubleclick on a predefined pattern, the current range will extend by that. For example, if 22-99 is selected, a doubleclick on "Pocketpairs" will lead to an overall range selection of 22+. If you doubleclick on "Suited Connectors" after that, the range will additionally include 32s,43s,54s and so on.

Custom Ranges

For custom ranges, there are multiple actions. You can move those ranges into quick save boxes or you can move quick save boxes into one folder of the custom ranges. In the latter case, PokerRanger will ask you to provide a name for the range.

There are two "Add" buttons which allow you to either add the current range to the current folder (so, it is the same as moving the "Current Range" quick save box into the tree) or to create a new folder. "Edit" allows you to change the name of a current folder or range. A doubleclick on a folder or range will both change the current range and will have the same effect as clicking on "Edit". By use of the "Delete" button, you can delete a range or a custom folder.


You can choose to unselect cards in the Card Selection Dialog with the left mouse button instead of the right mouse button. To do this, you can uncheck "Options -> Unselect Cards with Right Button" in the menu.