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Tutorial: PokerRanger's Win Evaluations

Discover Win/Split/Lose Probability of Specific Hand Strengths.

The win evaluation tabs show you how often a specific range wins, splits or loses with specific hand strengths.

Input: Ranges, Board, Selected Player

General Input

At first, you have to input the general properties.

Intuitive Range Selection

Just enter player1's and player2's ranges as well as the board. Deadcards apply, too. For more details on the card and range selection, we offer a corresponding tutorial: Range & Card Selection

Player Selection

You can specify which player's range should be analyzed by using the "Selected Player" element (PokerRanger's Player Selection). This range will be evaluated against the other (player2's or player1's) range.

Output: Win, Split and Loss Probabilities

For each hand strength, there is a row with the win, split and loss probability for this hand strength given the range specified. Moreover, there is a bar which indicates the win percentage.

Please notice that overpairs to the 2nd/3rd card will be regarded as the corresponding pair itself. That means that, e.g., TT on Q95 will be considered as a second pair. In this case, this simplification is made for reasons of clearness.

Twopairs are partitioned into "Over-Twopairs" (AA on TT9x), "Two-Card-Twopairs" / "One-Card-Twopairs" (T9 on T92) / (A9 on A55) or "Board-Twopairs" (A9 or 22 on KK884).

Full houses are subdivided, as well. "Set Fullhouses" (99 on TT9), "Trips Fullhouses" (AT on TT9) and "Board Fullhouses" (AA on TTT99) are distinguished.


You can choose to hide the empty lines in this tab by toggling "Options" -> "Hide Empty Lines in Evaluation Tabs".